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Ethernitas: Ryuchi Saif al Din by Xiiee Ethernitas: Ryuchi Saif al Din by Xiiee

LOOKIES HE DEFINITELY LOOKS LIKE THE BRIGHTEST LIGHTBULB IN THE BUNCH OVO Introducing my old baby for this brand new spiffy group I'mma mod for HELL TO THE YEAH~



Name : Rushdi Ryuchi Saif al Din.

Age : 92 y.o.

Gender : Male.

Height : 6'6'' / 198 cm.

Weight : 220 lbs / 100 kg.

Continent: Ignat'ur.

Place of birth : Karkaress.

Residence : Torugh Kareth.

Job : Warrior / weaponsmith.

Race : Fire elemental hybrid.

Elemental are beings made of pure element. They attain a certain level of consciousness, and will spawn a physical form. They usually need to find mates among other creatures very fast, for their physical form lacks a lot of ability to survive – since they've only known an elemental form for so long, they have no strength/fortitude. Their magic, however, is pretty strong – it's what keeps them alive. They are, in life span, like a burning candle : they won't age physically, but as soon as the magic within them fades, they die all of a sudden without even a warning sign.

Being a fire elemental hybrid with a human, Ryuchi earned a strong physical body, but he runs high on ether in order to function. Magic is extremely important to his development, for if he becomes unable to control his inner fire (his inner system being mainly a high-octane combustion system mixed with some human organs), he will simply burn from the inside. Functioning normally is okay with him and doesn't require much thought process, for it is natural... as long as he doesn't feel his magic energy levels decreasing.

Abilities :

Fire affinity : Sharing blood with fire elementals allows him to use fire magic, not only for attacks, but also for his survival. His skills include fire creation, and flame augmentation/control. The first ability is underdeveloped and stalled at a low level. The flames he can create are the size of his fist (like a small fireball), so he cannot muster big instant fire attacks. He can however, without much problems, feed the flames to make them grow -- needing a 10-30 seconds time lapse to do so depending on the size he needs (which can be pretty long in battle OTL'). He still prefers using preexisting sources like campfires, candles, anything that has a flame on it to save energy. His main strength remains in controlling the flames and shaping them however he wants – making them gain in intensity and throwing fiery waves at his opponents. His blasts can't go further than a 12-meters radius.

Metal shaping : His high body temperature and his affinity makes him able to shape metal with his hands, which is very useful for a weaponsmith. This skill is useful in his craftsman job, but actually takes time, because he has to familiarize himself with the metal before bending it into the right shapes. For this reason, it cannot be used in combat, for he needs to analyze his materials first and to concentrate on them. He likes to keep 'em blades sharp.

Fighting style : He is good at hand-to-hand combat, especially kicks. Weapons of predilection are axes and swords... and bows completely elude him (the only time he got an enemy in the head was because he was aiming at their knee).

Personality : Some people call him an idiot, some other people call him plain stupid – and they're not too far from reality. Ryuchi is a good guy on the inside, with good morals and ethics, and is actually somewhat intelligent... But he has no filter whatsoever, and his idea of fun can border danger and perillous situations, and this is where he gets his reputation as a suicidal hothead. He is very emotional, his display of feelings and emotions often in the 'very strong' specter. Ryuchi also has a hard time interacting with anyone who could be classified as 'diplomats' : he is a nomad, a guy from the lowest scale of people, and things like etiquette and speaking in a polite and measured language are definitely NOT for him (he knows that belching during dinner isn't exactly polite but that's about it). Despite his temper, he is still extremely loyal, follows orders (with a twist, sometimes, but still) and is very generous of his time and skills. He likes a good story, can take jokes, and is, in all simplicity, someone who loves life.

History : Born in the desert of Karkaress, Ryuchi lived a nomad's life for most of his life. He grew without a father, instead clinging to his mother's skirts until he was in age to work for the caravan (his position being to defend the caravan from brigands... and to be a brigand himself when they fell on a weaker tribe) and train his abilities whenever he could. However, the corruption in the bigger cities of Mergol got him irritated, and the fact that money was sometimes worth more than a man's life didn't work for him. It was after a failed relationship with a girl from his caravan and a hurried leave with enough coin in his pocket to leave the area and cross the rivers that he reached Uruth'ash. There, classified among the warriors, he established himself the life of freedom he had been yearning for. He is located in the savannah, for it is less humid than in the jungle itself, and it reminds him of home. [To be expanded]

Additional :

-Being a hybrid, he is naturally defective and cannot procreate. This, mixed with his personality, is a source of high frustration and jealousy, for he wish he could have had a family of his own.

-Being a fire elemental hybrid came with a huge phobia of water bodies when they are bigger than a small pool. Trips that require boats are met with terror, and he will spend the whole time curled up into a ball and whimpering... when he is not throwing up because he gets seasick easily.

-He was (and still is) a complete mommy boy. 

-Since his body temperature is normally very high, he has very little resistance to cold. He's most likely going to emit steam whenever it's damp or rainy.

-He changed his name when he got to Uruth'ash. To him, it was the beginning of a new life. People from Mergol might know him under his old name.


S - 30

E - 55

A -30

T - 0

V - 40

D - 25


:iconethernitas: + app background © :icondx33x: :iconfuresiya: :icondark-serenity-sama: :iconsilver-identity: :iconalterica:
Character © :iconcrackncake:
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LilithEsper Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
He looks awesome! 
He also sounds like he would be so much fun to rp with, I can't wait toll the group opens! Hope we can do some rp time in the future :iconfoxyayzplz: 
DarkerPersnicketer Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Student General Artist
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Xiiee Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
u just slap them on and hope they look alright that's how I roll baby ENJOY THE MAN IN ALL HIS NOSEPICKING GLORY he's that charming of a guy really =v=~
Labananesupreme Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Kiiiiiikiiiiiiiiiii! (désolé, il fallait que ça sorte XD )
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